Author Norman Currey pays tribute to influential figures in the aviation industry in his top-rated book, “Airplane Stories and Histories.”

In the book, Currey presented an interesting and readable history of airplanes and their development from the very beginning. He further talks about the moderations made to airplanes, the trajectory of aeronautical engineering and much more.

Renowned author Norman Currey leads the charge, paying tribute to influential figures in the aviation industry in his highly acclaimed book, “Airplane Stories and Histories.”

Norman’s book takes readers on a journey showcasing his career and experience in aviation. The following chapters highlighted the contributions to aviation made by Sir George Cayley, known and called “the father of air navigation” and “father of aviation”. He was an English designer, innovator and pilot and is dubbed the most prominent person throughout the flight’s existence.

Falon Charles-Jabri, one of the readers, praised author Norman Currey for providing a comprehensive overview of aircraft evolution in his book Airplane Stories and Histories.

“He paid tribute to influential people in the industry. The book is well researched and the author details exceptionally well what seems to be his passion, airplanes,” said Falon Charles-Jabri.

Falon Charles-Jabri also praised Currey’s user-friendly writing style and his dives into the technical aspects of various aircraft.

“It is evident, however, that these detailed aero-engine failures stem from a genuine interest on Currey’s part, which may make it easier to regard them as charming textual oddities,” Falon Charles-Jabri added. .

Meanwhile, John H. Manhold, another reader, said, “Airplane Stories and Histories” presented a readable and exciting history of aircraft and their development from the very beginning.

“Airplane Stories and Histories” is perfect reading for passengers, aircraft enthusiasts, and those interested in the occasional media announcements about new types of aircraft in today’s headline-grabbing war. .

“Furthermore, he provided deeply interesting history and anecdotes about little-known, but also eminent people associated with their development and with many who piloted them. It is written by an original resident of Britain who was instrumental in bringing about much of this change and put him in a position to travel to other parts of the world to do so,” said John.

Grady Harp, meanwhile, had this to say, “One of the many reasons this book is fascinating to read is the depth of Currey’s knowledge and his evident research into aviation history. He completes his presentation with excellent photographs and drawings that give immediacy to his shared information.

Those who want to grab a copy of “Airplane Stories and Histories” can purchase it from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Book Depository.

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